Lexington's Open Data Portal

Welcome to Lexington’s open data portal, a collaborative effort between LFUCG and the community. Our mission is to promote the openness, transparency and accountability of local government by providing high-value government data in standards compliant, machine readable format. This will serve as the basis for the creation of useful civic applications by third party developers.

Building upon phase 1 of the open data initiative, LFUCG is pleased to announce a partnership with the Fayette County Board of Elections and Fayette County Public Schools. These agencies will utilize our portal to publish 8 new GIS layers. Board of Elections data includes voting precincts and various state/local representative districts. Fayette County Public Schools data includes boundaries for elementary, middle and high school districts. The new data layers are located within the "Community" category.

We will continue to expand our data catalog and offerings to build on the foundation we have established.

Data Categories

93 datasets available in 6 categories

Historical: 28 datasets

Community: 18 datasets

Environmental: 14 datasets

Development: 13 datasets

Miscellaneous: 11 datasets

Transportation: 9 datasets