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  • Zoning

    Layer representing zoning classes. (Polygon)
  • Board of Elections - Voting Precincts

    Boundaries representing the Voting Precincts of Fayette County. Precincts are created based on the boundary lines of the State Senate, State Legislative, Urban County Council,...
  • Traffic Signal

    Locations of traffic signals in Lexington-Fayette County. (Points)
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Projects

    Boundaries for active tax increment financing projects in Fayette County, Kentucky. (Polygon)
  • Street

    Street centerline data containing address ranges, maintenance responsibility, road classification, speed limits, and more. (Line)
  • School

    Properties maintained by Fayette County Public Schools. (Polygon)
  • PDR (Participating Farms Only)

    Properties participating in the Purchase of Development Rights program. (Polygon)
  • Park

    City and State maintained park property. (Polygon)
  • Parcel

    Generalized representation of property boundaries. The geometry of this data is not of survey quality and should not be used for survey purposes. (Polygon)
  • Neighborhood Association

    Neighborhood Associations in Lexington-Fayette County that have registered with the Division Planning. (Polygon)
  • H1 Overlay

    Historic district designated by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. (Polygon)
  • Greenway (Planning)

    Linear open space established along a natural corridor, rail-trail, utility corridor, scenic road, or other route for conservation, recreation, or alternative transportation...
  • Fire Station

    Fire Stations within Lexington-Fayette County. (Point)
  • Board of Elections - Council District

    Boundaries representing the twelve Urban County Council Districts of Fayette County. Districts were reapportioned using the 2010 Census data and the Urban County Council passed...
  • Conditional Zoning Boundary

    Boundaries portraying areas where conditions have been granted or specified. (Polygon)
  • Bike Trail

    Representation of bike trails and paths as determined by the Division of Planning. (Line)
  • Basin (detention and retention)

    Detention and retention basins. (Polygon)
  • Address Points

    Inventory of all addresses within Lexington-Fayette County. (Point)
  • Board of Elections - Magesterial District

    Boundaries representing the three Magisterial Districts of Fayette County. Districts were reapportioned using the 2010 Census data and the Urban County Council passed Ordinance...
  • Board of Elections - State Senate District

    Boundaries representing the four State Senate Districts of Fayette County. The Senate redistricting plan was based on the 2000 Census data and signed into law by the KY General...
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