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  • Zoning

    Layer representing zoning classes. (Polygon)
  • Board of Elections - Voting Precincts

    Boundaries representing the Voting Precincts of Fayette County. Precincts are created based on the boundary lines of the State Senate, State Legislative, Urban County Council,...
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Projects

    Boundaries for active tax increment financing projects in Fayette County, Kentucky. (Polygon)
  • Street

    Street centerline data containing address ranges, maintenance responsibility, road classification, speed limits, and more. (Line)
  • School

    Properties maintained by Fayette County Public Schools. (Polygon)
  • PDR (Participating Farms Only)

    Properties participating in the Purchase of Development Rights program. (Polygon)
  • Park

    City and State maintained park property. (Polygon)
  • Parcel

    Generalized representation of property boundaries. The geometry of this data is not of survey quality and should not be used for survey purposes. (Polygon)
  • Neighborhood Association

    Neighborhood Associations in Lexington-Fayette County that have registered with the Division Planning. (Polygon)
  • H1 Overlay

    Historic district designated by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. (Polygon)
  • Greenway (Planning)

    Linear open space established along a natural corridor, rail-trail, utility corridor, scenic road, or other route for conservation, recreation, or alternative transportation...
  • Fire Station

    Fire Stations within Lexington-Fayette County. (Point)
  • Board of Elections - Council District

    Boundaries representing the twelve Urban County Council Districts of Fayette County. Districts were reapportioned using the 2010 Census data and the Urban County Council passed...
  • Conditional Zoning Boundary

    Boundaries portraying areas where conditions have been granted or specified. (Polygon)
  • Bike Trail

    Representation of bike trails and paths as determined by the Division of Planning. (Line)
  • Basin (detention and retention)

    Detention and retention basins. (Polygon)
  • Address Points

    Inventory of all addresses within Lexington-Fayette County. (Point)
  • Traffic Signal

    Locations of traffic signals in Lexington-Fayette County. (Points)
  • Railroad

    Railroads in Fayette County. (Line)
  • Traffic Camera

    Locations of traffic cameras in Lexington-Fayette County. (Point)